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Ravage - Dungeons of Plunder

I have been creating a card for over a year now, its about a band of Orcs plundering the dungeons for teef.

Working on the game design, graphic design, rulebook and illustrations.

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TerraTiles - Misty Moorlands

Terrain artwork for Modular Hexagon-Based Tabletop Terrain System for Miniature Games, Wargames, and Roleplaying Games, you could eat your nachos off these each tile is 9 inches across. Another Sucessful Kickstarter campaign from Rain Studios.

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TerraTiles - Coasts & Rivers

I was called back to do the second set of Tiles for TerraTiles the Coasts and Rivers set, I enjoyed this set much more than the first.

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Fantasy Solitaire

I created the artwork for Beardy Brothers Fantasy Solitaire. Take on the Orcs and Undead featuring both Orcs and Undead Card sets that you unlock as you play. Available on:

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- for iPhone

Orcs vs Undead Playing Cards

This set of 54 card deck of playing cards featuring an Orcs & Undead theme.

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Orcs vs Undead Collectors Edition Playing Cards

This set of 54 card deck of playing cards with an alternate design featuring Orcs & Undead and includes 6 art cards.

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Dungeon Map - Beardy Brothers Project

Beardy Brothers dungeon crawl game in development.

War of Kings

Successful Kickstarter from Rainn Studios their board game about strategy and medieval knights, I created the gameboard, tokens, logo, card design and card illustrations. More information can be found here.

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