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Ian Schofield BA

Growing up on comics, fantasy novels, rpgs and films such as Ridley Scott's Legend and Indiana Jones Temple of Doom that pretty much set mood and monsters for me. I headed off to college to study Illustration in the aspiration of creating comic and fantasy artwork with the hope of a career, both topics were heavily frowned upon.

I love creating character concepts and putting twists on designs, such as my Mermaids or Sun Wukong character concepts. I am now fortunate enough to be following my dream.If you would like to contact me about freelance work or commisions please email me.

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Beardy Brothers

I created Beardy Brothers to create card and board games.

You can buy my Decks of playing Cards from DriveThru Cards, and Ravage - Dungeons of Plunder will be Kickstarting in 2016,

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